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We're officially Orimei

After years of listening to our fans, learning, and growing, we're proud to share Orimei with you. From Origamei Foldwear to Orimei, our main focus is to transition to a more sustainable brand one step at a time. Our first step: To manufacture locally in our hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

Our Collection

UME Packable Coat - Orimei

UME Packable Coat

Sale price $188.00 Regular price $225.00

Rope Belt for UME Coat - Orimei

Rope Belt for UME Coat

Sale price $18.00 Regular price $25.00

MOMO T-shirt Dress - Origamei

MOMO T-shirt Dress

Regular price $88.00

KIKU Tent Dress - Origamei

KIKU Tent Dress

Regular price $88.00

YURI Layered Dress - Origamei

YURI Layered Dress

Regular price $88.00

SUKÉ Packable Face Mask - Origamei

SUKÉ Packable Face Mask

From Sale price $16.00 Regular price $20.00

Packable Coat

Packable Dress