1. How much does each Origamei weigh?

Approximately 12-16oz, depending on style and size.

2. What is the material composition of the dress? Can it be machine washed and dried?

88% polyester and 12% Spandex - Allowing each Origamei to be wrinkle resistant, 4-way stretchable, breathable, and lightweight. Each dress is also true to size and pre-shrunk! We've tested it with over 100 washes and dries.

3. What is the material composition of the key-ring? Can it be machine washed and dried?

The zinc alloy key-ring (carabiner) is spring-loaded, durable, and rust-proof allowing you ease of mind when washing and drying. We've tested it with over 100 washes and dries.

4. Can an Origamei be hemmed in length?

Since the foldable pocket feature is stitched at the lower bottom of the dress, the Origamei KIKU (Tent dress) and MOMO (T-shirt dress) cannot be hemmed. Although, with the inner lining nature of the YURI (Layered dress), it can be hemmed at the waistline where the lining and the original fabric meets.

5. Can the YURI (layered dress) be used for nursing (surprisingly common question)?

Unfortunately, the YURI dress was not designed with a nursing feature included. Although, we’re sure it could be self-modified into the lining fabric for those we would like a fun side project!

6. What is your return and exchange policy?

Due to Covid-19, we are not accepting any returns or exchanges.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at info@origamei.com

7. Color and Sizing?

Keep in mind that the colors on these dresses reflect different lighting and may vary slightly from actual representation of color. As for sizing, since we are currently in product development stage, the sizing on size chart may change slightly once development is complete.

8. What about international shipping and tariffs?

Customers from non-US countries may be required to pay additional import fees and other taxes on goods. Please double check with your country's policy for more details on this matter.