Our Story

Founder, Angela Wang, always had the passion to create solutions. Living in a busy metropolitan city, she found herself needing to pack multiple outfits for multiple events in a day. She knew she wanted a way to simplify the art of packing down to a minimal way to help busy women focus more on what's really important. That's how Orimei was born, it's functional fashion for the everyday women.

Orimei was created to empower women. Women who are passionate and live life on the go in order to follow their true passion. The “Mei” in Ori(mei) comes from the Chinese/Japanese character “美”, pronounced “mei” or “māy” in Chinese and “kirei” in Japanese, both defined as “beauty” to correlate to the inner beauty every woman encompasses. For strong beautiful women who do not need the most recent trend to feel beautiful. To us, practical living and the process of following your dream is the fundamental way to happiness; not what you’re wearing the next day. It’s about living in the moment, exploring, and truly being free. It’s the woman inside the dress that truly defines herself. Orimei wants to help empower on the go women to live a more minimal and fulfilling life.

Each one of our packable wrinkle-resistant travel dresses are selectively named after seasonal flowers in Japan. Each flower symbolizes a unique characteristic which is true to oneself. You may find out more detail on our product page under each dress style. 

 (When product design meets fashion design)