Dress 💯 Day Campaign- Inspired by the Uniform Project .
With everything happening inside and outside of Hollywood, consent is a rising topic. It's amazing that there are #metoo movements and Time’s Up Campaigns helping empower women to speak up. We have learned that with social media, the power of one voice can project into a combined power of many. With that being said, This issue is even far more extreme in other countries. Origamei Has been working on linking up with No Means No Worldwide to help fundraise for a Rape Free World. After hearing their stories and learning about what they're doing to end the Global Rape Epidemic, I was immediately on board. For 100 Days (now 91 Days), Each Donation or Dress you buy can help educate both girls and boys in Africa on a culture around mutual respect and consent. They need our help to build for a better, brighter, safer community. Many of the stories are truly unfathomable- Not to mention, completely illegal! They need our help most- Help us help them today! (Feel free to share this post with all your friends and family)
Check out the 1 Dress 100 Day Blog: www.origamei.com/blogs/news and Donate directly at www.origamei.com
For more Information about the cause visit: www.nomeansnoworldwide.org
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Today’s look:
Photo with my bird friend- Just minutes before the dark clouds blew in.
A fitted crop top with cropped sleeves sits snuggly around the Origamei Dress. Rain boots, leg warmers, and a scrunchy scarf for extra warmth.
A big shoutout to my colleagues who accompanied me on this rainy journey- Hopefully no one gets sick!
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