☝️Dress 💯 Day Charity Campaign
Hello! Just wanted to clarify- Many people thought I was doing this challenge just to do it. This campaign is, in fact, to help raise awareness to the rape epidemic in Africa. I’ve teamed up with No Means No Worldwide to help educate kids in Kenya and Malawi in order to build their community up to a safer environment. A way to help boys stand up against predators to prevent their sisters from getting touched inappropriately/ sexually assaulted/ raped. A way to teach girls self defense to stand up for themselves. I chose to go with this charity after hearing that it was such a common occurrence. As morbid as this may sound, baby rape exists. How can one sleep at night knowing this sort of act is occurring.
So please, friends and family, a simple share or a small donation can help tremendously. I’m trying to help raise at least $1,000 which can help educate almost 150 kids. A little to us can go a long way for them.
You can donate or buy a dress ($20 will go to NMNW) at:
#Origamei #KIKU#nomeansnoworldwide#1dress100days .
Today’s look: The Peplum Flare
The Peplum, to my surprise, actually compliments the Origamei KIKU very well. Due to the natural style of this Peplum shirt- the cinch in the waistline and the flare organically flows with the KIKU Flare. It completely alters the look making this style look like a classy date night look. I added a circle scarf and some leg high boots for warmth.
📷: @konseptphotography


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